Yoga Migration works with each participating studio to determine their workshop and master class preferences right down to every detail.  All workshops and master classes are arranged and scheduled directly through Yoga Migration.

We pair our carefully screened qualified and talented Yoga Instructors with our studios based on their particular preferences.  We are confident we can offer participating yoga studios across the Country, unique master classes and workshops of exceptional quality. 

Based on availability, location and preferences we offer our Yoga Instructors the opportunity to travel and experience an exciting city and teach at a different studio.  

FAQs for Instructors

What is the teaching schedule like?

Instructor teaching schedules typically range from 1-3 workshops or master classes over a Friday/Saturday/Sunday. Workshops are 2 hours in length and master classes are 75 or 90 minutes in length.

The rest of the weekend is free time for you! Experience and enjoy the city!

What are the benefits of the program?

If accepted into the program, you are offered the opportunity to teach yoga workshops and master classes to students in a variety of Major US Cites. This is not only incredible teaching experience for you; it will be an incredible learning experience as well.

You get to travel and explore different cities and meet other cool yoga instructors and students! You will likely get to take free yoga classes. Most participating studios offer the Yoga Migration Instructors free yoga classes during their stay.

You will get paid.

How much do I get paid?

Instructors receive 40-50% depending on the studio, city location, student attendance and how many workshops and classes you will be teaching. More details are provided when you receive an offer.

Wait…but do I have to pay for my own travel arrangements and accommodations?

Yes. But that doesn’t mean it has to be expensive. Many of our instructors request to teach in cities that they are already travelling to anyways for work or

to visit friends and family. This cuts way down on travel costs.

You can also request a city that is drivable for you instead of having to purchase an airline ticket.

Sometimes our participating studios offer the traveling instructor to stay with a yoga instructor or student employee that has extra room for the weekend so the instructor doesn’t have to pay for a hotel.

Ask us for help! We are happy to help you explore options and figure out the most cost effective way to travel.

The majority of our instructors end up making more money than they spend on traveling and accommodations.